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Sunday, December 07, 2003


Just came home from doing an overnight bbsit. It could have been awful with my two year old charge playing up, but he turned out to be sweet as pie last night - to my great relief. His older siblings were also great in dealing with any things I needed to know about what their morning routine involves - something I'm never normally around for. It feels kind of pathetic to be babysitting at the moment whilst I'm working in other things, but at the same time on a good night out I can get almost a day's worth pay in fewer hours and with less stress. When you're on the bottom of the ladder, taking cash some other way doesn't really seem like such a bad idea. Plus the fact that there's no tax on it and the whole deal gets all the more sweet. Speaking of which my tax office/human resources department at work STILL haven't worked out my tax code so I'm still being charged the extortionate 'emergency tax' rate. Laughable that I've been working with them for over 4 and a half and they still haven't worked out my tax!


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