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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

What it means to be a wimp

That was my lesson for today, and by way of demonstrating said observation, I joined a gym and attempted to use the weights. I was RUBBISH at it even when the 'fitness instructor' was standing right over me telling me how to do it. All the running, cycling rowing, moving feet in circles machines were fine, but when it came to weights I was lost. I've never done weights before and my upper body is of no substance. So the picture you've got to visualise is me, lying on my back on a bench thing. Notice I don't have the jargon 'down' yet either, don't even know what the thing I was lying on was called! I'm lying there and the guy is standing above me encouraging me to hold the two 15lb dumbbells I've got in my hands wider apart. I'm really trying to be helpful, moving my arms wider apart and everything, but it seems that whenever it comes down to moving the things themselves I'm useless at it. He was guiding me through an exercise, showing me how to move the weights whilst lifting them (in order to exercise more muscle groups) and then he tells me to have a go. I suddenly realise that he's been helping me a lot during his 'guidance' because they two weights get a lot heavier all of a sudden.
After doing twelve reps of these weights I go back to the rack in order to put them away and I see that they're the second smallest ones there. Come on, one and all, poke fun at the guy with no arms! Admittedly I did ask to now have much weight. I’m not trying to actually put on muscle mass, but simply tone the stuff that‘s there. I’m not really THAT bad. Honest!


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