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Friday, November 28, 2003

messed up... the hours are running out!

The act of staying out until two wasn't in itself a bad idea. Well, perhaps it was a bad idea, but it wasn't in itself a bad thing. The problem was the early start. Waking at five AM after going to sleep at two AM does no favours for one's general appearance or state of mind. I was dead to the world today. Normally people are amazed by my attitude and remark on how cheerful and happy I appear; none of that today. Today I was a sloth-like waste of space. At least I know I'm not being paid the earth for it. In fact I'm hardly being paid at all for it. Damn them. This is what the store looks like at night. If you image it at 7 o'clock in the morning, that's exactly what it looks like so it shouldn't stretch your imagination. Contact me if you're having trouble: I'll send you the larger image of it.

Part of the going out last night was the fact that one of the group was held up by the bouncers or 'big butch men who scare queens' as they're otherwise known, and sent to the back of the line outside the club because they'd supposedly seen him jumping the queue. Completely unfair: especially since everyone else in our group had walked all the way along the line too! I strolled through the entrance whilst one of us was torn apart by the gathering wolves of steroid laced flesh.
I was however wearing a slut-like t-shirt with 'Flash' written out in bold across the figure hugging black fabric. It works as long as you're slim and have pecs. Thank god for heavy books eh! I call it literary aerobics.


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