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Friday, November 28, 2003

Beautiful night = cold snap

I was putting through a service call on some of our equipment yesterday and as the store is based in the states, much of our support is routed via the US meaning that the call was to a company in Minneapolis/St Paul. I was waiting on the line (as usual) for someone to pick up, and found that the hold music they have there, rather than being just the standard Muzak was in fact the local radio station. I should have known they were going to have something fancy on their system, they were a digital audio company! So I'm sitting in Britain listening to the weather and ads from Minnesota and find that the weather there is pretty much the same as it is here: cold. Everywhere's cold, but the nice thing was that it's a bright sort of cold. Before I went out last night I did some shopping for my sister's up-coming birthday. I hate shopping after work as I'm always exhausted, but it had to be done.

What made the whole thing a bit more enjoyable was that I took my new digital camera into town for the first time and took some shots. One of the photos I took was this one on the left, a train station just adjacent to the town centre. I was amazed by how beautiful it was looking with all the ironwork and arched brick doorways. The cold made the air clear and bright, meaning this beautiful photo was the result...


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