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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Bored of Google News? Read Newsblaster!

How is Newsblaster different from Google News?
Google News does not do multidocument summarization; it simply uses the articles' leading sentences. In addition, Newsblaster produces multiple summaries for an event, each reflecting the media from a particular country. Future expansions such as tracking events across days are also in the works.

Every night, the system crawls a series of Web sites, downloads articles, groups them together into "clusters" about the same topic, and summarizes each cluster. The end result is a Web page that gives you a sense of what the major stories of the day are, so you don't have to visit the pages of dozens of publications.

It actually creates a written summary of the story that's going on at the moment, saving you going around all the different sites for the varied perspective. I also love the way there are links in the article to the original article from which the sentance came - meaning you can go further in depth if you like. The funniest thing about this site is the summary of images and how it's arranged. You've got a little table the has headings of Struggle, Politics, Disaster, Crime, and Other. The inclusion of struggle there makes it sound like the title of a book!


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