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Monday, September 06, 2004

Had a Hawk..

When I went down to our kitchen this morning, I look outside my window to see a) a massive sprawling tundra of pigeon feathers on our lawn, and b) a hawk just a few metres away, eating said pigeon.
See the picture in the moblog on the right. It was very strange to see this bird, which to be honest looked very small, just casually eating another bird in my garden.

I thought it was a falcon at first, but Simone graciously corrects me and it turns out the bird was a European Sparrow Hawk (Accipiter nisus), which is smaller than the Peregrine Falcon and has a less pointy wings and a smaller head. To explain, I thought it was a young peregrine, but looking at the link that she sends me, I think she's right. Plus, she knows everything about birds, and I just know that it's a cool looking bird.

Thanks Simone!


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