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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

McDonalds - helping YOU stay slim!

Today McDonalds started displaying posters and literature revealing the calorific load of their meals and how to alter these. If you're looking to have an Atkins friendly breakfast then you can find out how many calories are contained in a Big Mac (TM) - something McDonalds is clearly hoping the residents of the New York area will find reassuring - after all, they are the only ones this will impact. The company has no plans to roll out the information service to other customers.

The new Real Life Choices program was developed by nutritionist Pam Smith, author of "Eat Well, Live Well," in partnership with McDonald's franchisees. It was kicked off Monday at 650 McDonald's in New York City, on Long Island, in most of New Jersey and in Connecticut's Fairfield County.

Real Life Choice selections are created from existing menu items and carry the same price -- even if you tell McDonald's to hold the cheese. For example, a reduced-fat breakfast of less than 8 grams of fat might be an Egg McMuffin minus the cheese and butter.
"We are trying to educate our customers that the foods they love at McDonald's can fit into the diet they're on," said Cristina Vilella, marketing director for the fast food company's New York metro region office in Roseland, N.J. "If they're watching fat, carbs or counting calories, they can take the menu and fit it into the lifestyle that they're leading."



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