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Friday, January 02, 2004

THREE - It's a magic number!

You've gotta have a look at the BBC's digital channel, branded 'Three' following on in the noble traditions started by 'One' and 'Two'. I've just been watching Body Hits, an amazing show that covers a lot of Pop Science - mostly Biology - with an quirky style - much of which is attributable to presenter Dr John Marsden.

"The new series of Body Hits - the show where psychology meets biology - gets to the bottom of these issues and more. In the first episode, we uncover the science behind falling in love. Why is it that we’re attracted to some people but not to others, and what are we really looking for in an ideal partner?"
I saw one episode then stuck around for another two in a row - stunning stuff. In the first one they dealt with senses to do this gathered together 'experts' in the different senses and tested their senses then looked at how they all fared when put into a sense deprivation tank.

"Dr John Marsden delves deeper to find out what our senses really do and how they work. Along the way he experiences the world’s most expensive taste, hears a sound that literally makes him feel sick and discovers what it’s like to be deprived of all of his senses completely. He also meets three extraordinarily ‘sensitive’ members of the public who are put through a series of carefully designed challenges which test the strength of their senses to the limit…"


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