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Monday, January 05, 2004

New Nets stadium in NY by Gehry

"On December 10, at a carefully orchestrated event hosted by irrepressible Brooklyn Borough president Marty Markowitz, real estate developer Bruce Ratner unveiled his ambitious plan to buy the New Jersey Nets and move them to a Frank Gehry-designed arena near downtown Brooklyn. If Ratner succeeds in this endeavor, his biggest accomplishment won't be in buying the team, whose franchise will soon be available at auction, nor in securing the services of the world's most famous architect. Rather, his biggest achievement will be in completing this massive project over the widespread opposition of the surrounding communities."

It seems that all major sporting projects of the moment must contain far more than a mere venue; the obligatory hotels and office buildings, apartments and ‘retail space’. The new Wembley Stadium in London, designed by Norman Foster, is going to include vast swathes of space devoted to ancillary services, whilst the Stade de France in Paris (picture) made for the 1998 World Cup has the same old same old collection of stuff. Whislt some of this might be deemed necessary by the accountants, does anyone else really care? Is it really useful? Also, when is Gehry going to move on from the Titanium effect he's been using since, forever. Guggenheim Bilbao, Experience Music Project Seattle, LA Disney Concert Hall, now the Nets stadium! Move on Frank.



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