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Sunday, January 04, 2004


On thursday night I was out at a dinner party. I came home with a beautiful loaf of freshly baked bread. How someone manages to host a dinner party with three courses as well as baking bread for guests, I don't know. It's great all the same. This all happened before I stubbed my toe a few minutes ago, a significant event in my life, on a table, originating from Indonesia, whilst moving copious amounts of washing from the room. This od sentance structure comes from the reading of 'You shall know our velocity', the first few sentances of which are printed on the cover. It's a very strange book. I've received it as a 'gift' from my store via the publishers. Mine is a proof copy, the like of which publishers put around bookstores from time to time in order to drum up interest with the public (and those in a position to influence buying decisions), before publication proper. It's a clever though jumpy book at the moment, something that I'm sure will evolve into a reasonable storyline eventually. Time said:
"Eggers' strengths as a writer are real: his funny, pitch-perfectdialogue; the way his prose delicately captures the bumblebee blundering of Will's thoughts"

Anyway, the bread's made from a mixture of german local mill produced flower and massive chain UK flower (probably made in Czechoslovakia or some such place). It's great, light yet crusty with a moistness to it that makes it much more palatable than most store-bought products. I advise getting people to make you bread before every dinner party you go to - it's the best kind of doggy bag!


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