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Thursday, December 25, 2003


It's now 8:30 PM and my cousins and I have been sleeping on the floor by the fire. Due in part to the combination of red wine, good food and a warm room as well as the fact that I only slept for four hours after wrapping presents until early in the morning and then waking to 'do' stockings this morning. We've had the usual Christmas situation - too much wonderful food, family to visit and presents for all. I remain steadfast in my preference for giving to receiving. Whilst giving you can acknowledge far more easily the effort you've put into finding something that's right for someone whilst when opening a gift it's often hard to tell, or on the other hand all too easy to realise the thought that was not put in. I did however still enjoy getting - I'm not trying to pretend to be completely selfless! My sisters gave me an unexpectedly wonderful gift: a corduroy material French Connection satchel. Often these bags feel slightly tacky because the material is a thin canvas which makes them insubstantial, but this one is a weighty, well made thing. Loving that stuff!
On a theme, the tops that I got for my sisters did fit in the end. I had so much trouble working out whether they would. I went to a club wear shop a few weeks ago to get them some stuff since, my younger sister in particular, they often don’t wear clothes that make you stand back and realise it’s unique. Thankfully they have something just their own now – not only did I have to use their sizes (ie UK size 12 etc) but I got t-shirts of theirs and compared them to the size of top which I bought – in an attempt to match up the fit. It worked… Yeah!


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