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Sunday, December 21, 2003

Camping it up, toning it down

We've had some guests from the states over this weekend; nice people, rather religious. They're not governed by their faith, but it's there. As a result I'm not feeling 100% at ease around them, should something I say or do sound a bit odd, but more for my own protection, should something they say upset me or exercise me to an extent that I can't not say something. Before they arrived I was just walking towards a window, it was dark out, and so the glass acted as a mirror. As I walk forwards look at myself in the mirror and think that the image I portray does appear remarkably set. There's no mistake in the fact that my t-shirt is small and my trousers aren't baggy, there's no attempt to hide. But whilst I'm not attempting to hide my body or who I am, I can't feel like I should be less extrovert, more subdued whilst they're here. The question is whether, to appease someone else I'll tone down my impact on everyone else or whether I tone down who I am. I don't know, and can't decide whether it's wrong to do the latter all the same.


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