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Friday, December 26, 2003


During a quiet peruse of The Captive State, a Christmas gift from my mother which I dipped into this afternoon, a noise erupted from the depths of the house. My first impression was of something like two horses fighting to the death on some floor above me, but it turned out to merely be my mother and sister having a go. As you well know the lot of them are going on holiday leaving me to fend for myself (!) for a week. Shock turns to horror and then we get bored and realise how much of a non-event that is. Speaking of which, my cousins were surprised I was being left - they're locked out of their house when their parents go away... I'm not enough of a party freak am I!
Anyway, there's this storm going on above me and I kind of ignore it, what's there to do! A few minutes later I garner from the noise that my older sister has left her passport in London. She's going to France tomorrow and seemed to think that one doesn't need a passport; thought one didn't need to show it. Well, you do need a passport and as a result she had to go all_the_way back to London to get it, then come all_the_way back again. Eugh. That's the kind of thing I'd have nightmares about. That and setting my alarmclock wrong and waking at something like 7:30 rather than 5:30! I hate that phoning in thing saying you're not going to be in today. Though I always push myself to the limit before considering not coming in to work, I still feel like I'm cheating if I do call in sick. I just feel bad. So whilst laughing at my sister I also feel sorry for her because I know how I'd feel there; shit.


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