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Saturday, December 27, 2003

By the way

Stay safe, not stupid over the holiday season: The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, a charity based a few hundred metres from my home, tells us how around 350 people in the UK will need hospital attention this year as a result of accidents involving christmas tree lights. Read their warning

"About 1,000 people are hurt by trimmings or when decorating their homes. Many small children bite into glass baubles, adults fall while use unstable chairs instead of ladders to put up streamers or tumble out of lofts while looking for decorations."

They get this information by having people interviewing thousands of those who attend Accident and Emergency departments throughout the year and ask them in essence: "Why are you here?". It's very funny to be asked this by someone simply because it seems like stating the obvious sometimes. I was asked how I sprained my ankle a few years back after telling the woman that I was running at the time. 'Well, I'm running along, my foot rotates, I fall over, my ankle kills!' Very strange. But interesting once we are able to find out how many people needed hospital treatment because of electric knives which are overall one of man's most idiotic and dangerous inventions.


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