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Friday, November 21, 2003

What a success!

And the good news we can all celebrate is this: the children's classic "The Cat in the Hat" movie is being supported by promotional links with over 40 brands. That's a load off my mind.

"This is one of the largest promotional programs put into place because it's such a wonderful piece of Americana, and companies want to be associated in these times with something very American and very beloved," - Susan Brandt, vice president of licensing and marketing at Dr. Seuss Enterprises.

In "Minority Report," 22 products were prominently placed and in surveys after the movie, kids remembered about 18 of them, said Martin Lindstrom, a brand marketing expert. "It was a shocking number."

Leave the analysis up to you. Make up your mind whether you want kids to be pestering you for sweets/candy because it's been tied in with their 'favorite' story character, but I must say I wouldn't. I have enough trouble when the kids I babysit come back from activities they do buzzing from the sugar that they're loaded with. I don't need movies to push them towards even more tie ins. Plus, why would a tie in like this make you buy more Febreze? Of all things!



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