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Thursday, November 20, 2003


'We' are attacked. Again we cry and see that pained expressions of sympathy and determination on the faces of our leaders. We expect the same to happen again.

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"Once again, we're reminded of the evil these terrorists pose to innocent people everywhere and to our way of life. Once again, we must affirm that in the face of this terrorism there must be no holding back, no compromise, no hesitation in confronting this menace, in attacking it wherever and whenever we can, and in defeating it utterly."
Our response is not to flinch, give way or concede one inch."

Bush and Blair looked calm and ready in their press conference. They came across as genuinely thoughtful, personable people who just happen to be blighted by the harsh realities of having to create policies for their countries. GWB seemed very disappointed and sad. He looked like he'd just received news of a personal friend's death, whilst Tony Blair looked pumped up and ready to take them on with hands waving in the air and big grandiose gestures. We have two leaders who have such different styles, such different views of the world that perhaps they moderate each other. They manage to speak in the same room and appear to be reading off the same page where Bush will start say a sentance and Blair will and a semicolon finish it off. I like the fact that the two of them get along. Perhaps it will help iron out (ie stop) some of the idiotic things happending in the world like EU-US steel wars.

If I didn't know what Bush does the rest of the time, I'd really like him.


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