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Friday, December 17, 2004

Gotta love the name: Ana Matronic

jake shears - the scissor sistersI LOVE the Scissor Sisters, and want to do Jake Shears like he's never been done before.

"...one time I passed out on the cold, bare floor in front of the British Airways counter at Heathrow for three hours. Another time, we were on a plane after a show in Germany. The turbulence was terrible and we were bouncing and dipping all over the damn place. Ana was just sitting in her chair repeating the word 'bathtub' over and over again to herself. She says she read somewhere that you're more likely to die in the bath than on an aeroplane."

OMM article: How we stormed 2004 by Jake Shears
..:: Scissor Sisters ::..

If you want to go have drinks with him in January - you can bid on it for roughly 16 hours: be quick!
Drinks with Jake Shears
jake shears - the scissor sisters


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