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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Un-Fulfilled and wanting more

I managed to get my ear to a pre-release copy of Destiny Fulfilled, the new Destiny’s Child album. I know I’ll be buying at least one copy for someone this Christmas. It’s perfectly timed for the ‘Holiday Season’; what a shocking surprise, must be a lucky coincidence.
It sounds like a rushed production unfortunately. It misses out much of the tight production of the separately produced members’ albums, leaving some tracks such as ‘Cater 2 U’ empty and feeling hollow.
Others such as Lose My Breath, T-Shirt, Through with Love, and Game Over stand out and remedy what could have been a failed album.

However, even with these stand out tracks the collection comes across as a eulogy to their music of the past with ballad heavy filler tracks creating gulfs of R&B mediocrity until the next stand out track. Reportedly recorded over just three weeks, the tracks that do catch the eye have clearly been well polished, but it remains those Aaliyah-like tracks that make you reach for the skip button.

Overall it’s not bad, but one yearns for a Destiny’s Child album that doesn’t have the same old, same old style A-sides and C-sides.


At 6:20 pm, Blogger Alberto F C said...

I have to admit Lose My Breath is catchy but.... well... this kind of music isn't my cup of tea. Charts have never done anything for me really. :o/


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