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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Dell:meagre incentives

The Register is loving Dell today:
"Dell has had a tough time of late. Its consistent, double-digit revenue gains put it only billions ahead of hardware rivals that have barely managed to break even. With its fiscal predicament in mind, Dell put the screws on North Carolina legislators to offer it the sweetest plum available.

Last week, the North Carolina General Assembly cleared the way for a $242m incentive package for Dell. The deal gives Dell a tax credit for each computer or consumer device produced in the state. Dell will receive a $15 per unit credit in 2006 and just a $6.25 credit from 2007 to 2019."

Poor Michael Dell, he must really be suffering.. Just like Boeing needs tax assistance?


November 12th, Dell have announced record profits of $846 Million for the year. They had growth of 27 percent within Europe for the year.

"Dell Inc. posted record third quarter sales and saw profits surge 25 percent. Shares of Dell gained 5 percent."

AP Story


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