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Saturday, October 30, 2004

I saw him at the Discotheque

disco lightsThere was this boy at the club , and we talked. Then we danced, and I laughed. The vodka was an influence, culling my inhibitions. I was out of control, I was forward and too much but somehow he took it all.

And I really like him, and I want to see him again.

When you meet someone at a club you can never tell who they are, can never be sure they're anything like you, but I'd met him before, we'd already made first contact. What is difficult is that when I really like someone I get scared because, because I really like them. If I'm ambivalent about a guy, if I'm not intimidated by my own affection, I can be a scream, can play the fool and can have a laugh. But if I really like him I worry because I want him to really like me back.

Tonight, I'm scared.


At 11:04 pm, Blogger Alberto F C said...

I know what that feels like, so the best thing I can say is...



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