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Friday, November 07, 2003

SUITS! You've got to be kidding

I was in H&M yesterday buying the usual stuff that one buys from a clothes store such as this, namely, clothes. Whilst traipsing through all the useless kids and womens clothing departments I got the usual tour of the store that they seem to like to give us now - one must go through all the crap to find anything of interest. Just on the border of the menswear and the womens lingerie there was a wall of H&M suits. Quite literally, I had to stand back and catch my breath. I was blown away by the fact that anyone woud even consider purchasing somethig as quality dependent as a suit from H&M - after all, they're famous for their poor quality stitching and fall apart nature of the clothes. We all love the fact that they're dirt cheap and manage to knock off supposedly fashionable styles months before the rest of the industry can copy them from the latest Tom Ford catwalk, but a suit!
I asked the sales 'assistant' and she confirmed by initial hesitance - they do sell LOTS of them! I can't believe it... Bad news all around!



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