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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Shopping spree?

If buying a single pair of shoes and a sleeveless gay t-shirt counts as a spree, then yes. However to the rest of the world, I had an extended browse punctuated with stints of purchasing.
I must have spent over three hours in Harrods on Monday. It's quite a place. There are floors where you think you've suddenly stepped into a downmarket, tawdry, rundown, suburban shopping centre, whilst there are others where the opulence is simply astonishing. It's a bit unique which is what makes it attractive. It's not like any other department store you'll ever see. It's got its own bank, an 'egyptian' escalator, food halls complete with Krispy Kreme counter, 'hip' clothes as well as couture designer. It's also an odd place with so much money kicking around that the famous owner Mohammed Al Fayed removes £10,000 a day from the store's safes. That's cash kids. Something to ponder.
Well I probably contributed £10 or so profit to that the other day - enjoy it Mohammed! Don't spend it all at once.


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