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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Other things

Popped into the Natural History Museum for a quick look around. This was just before becoming stuck in a Tube carriage for half an hour at South Kensington Station. The museum was great - whistle-stop tour which was superb. Plus the fact that it's free now meant that we could just 'pop' in and glance around and then RUN. There was an exhibition of Earth From the Air images outside. They were full size original prints on show which was superb - the detail being so much greater than in the books made the images all the more engrossing. I love how they're from all around the world - a surpising number coming from South America - in places like Chile and so forth the colours and contrast were clearly more defined or at least easier to spot.
Talking about the underground 'pause', this is what happened:
We got on a train as it arrived after waiting for about 3 minutes on the platfrom - the previous train had just pulled away before we got there. Jumped into the carriage - it was almost empty! Yah! Then nothing happened. More people got on. Italians. Then some more people got on. two families with 5 under 10's in total. We waited a little while longer until the operator told us that we would leave in a few moments.
More people got on. Business man.
More people. - A mum and her son - 7ish.
About to leave. More people, a guy with a guitar.
All this time I'm standing with my head bent as I'm standing next to the door and the ceiling slopes. Crick in neck. The carriage fills and I'm breathing the stale air, having walked into the carriage first we were getting all the air that everyone else on the train had already been through. My partner for the day, being claustrophobic, didn't enjoy this.
After about 25 minutes of standing there getting increasingly apathetic, I decided that we should just get off and go.
We did. And did other things, better things, but moreover, did them immediately. I didn't care for Piccadilly Circus THAT much.


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