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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Simone says save the wolves

"I just learned that Alaska is expanding its aerial wolf shoots and will allow 900 wolves to be slaughtered by trophy hunters and to keep elk populations "healthy". OUTRAGEOUS!

Please sign the petition to the governor of Alaska:
Defenders of Wildlife

aerial hunting of wolves from helicopter

"The "reasoning" behind Alaska's reinstated aerial wolf kill program, according to the governor and his board of game, is that McGrath residents (population 470) are going hungry - the area's wolves, supposedly, are gobbling up moose before townspeople have had a chance to kill and eat them themselves. Aside from the ethical considerations concerning this viewpoint, that humans, as a "superior" species must put their own convenience and needs before that of animals in their area - animals that existed in that area long before man and, according to the laws of nature, kill and eat only to survive - let's look closely at the other facts. Let's even pretend for a moment there is nothing wrong with this human-centric outlook. Is the current aerial wolf "control" program merely about eliminating 45 or so McGrath area wolves? What's all the fuss really about?"
- Kerkwood Wolf.com link

IMAGE from portland indymedia

Save the wolves - read some of the links and find out for yourself. The issue is whether we value our diversity in nature or whether humans should force themselves upon their surrounding habitat no matter how inhospitable it may be. If we can't even create our own food in an area, should we even be there? Whatever your respons, aerial hunting is morally corrupt and an abomination to be halted.

CNN 5th Nov
Environment News Service
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